Xperia Tablet S sized up against the Sony Tablet S and iPad

by XB on 5th September 2012

in Sony Tablet

Do you want to know how Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S sizes up against its predecessor, the Tablet S? Or about the iPad? Well have a look at the pictures below. Against the Sony Tablet S there appears to minimal difference on the face of the tablet, although it’s significantly thinner against the wedge shape of the older model.

Comparing it against the iPad you can see that the Tablet S is smaller on the face. This is probably down to display size with the Xperia Tablet S and its 9.4-inch display against the 9.7-inch display of the iPad. The iPad is also marginally thinner. See the pics below.

Xperia Tablet S (left) versus the Sony Tablet S

Xperia Tablet S (left) versus the iPad

Via IT Media.

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