Floating touch enabled throughout Xperia sola UI via mod

by XB on 10th September 2012

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The Sony Xperia sola’s key feature is floating touch which allows a user to navigate the phone without touching the display. Officially, only a few applications are supported, such as browsing where, for example, you can highlight a link by floating your finger over it before pressing the link. You can almost think of it as a cursor for your phone.

However, Sony has only implemented the functionality in the browser and certain live wallpapers that react to the floating touch input. Sony originally promised to expand this to other parts of the phone, but we’re still waiting on this. Thankfully xda-developer neectron has been on the case and has published a mod enabling floating touch throughout the phone.

As you can imagine, it takes practice to work properly, especially dealing with accidental clicks. Another unfortunate side-effect of having floating touch fully enabled is that it can wreak havoc when trying to write a text message. Neectron is thinking about making a change so that the floating touch is disabled when the keyboard pops up, users would then be able to type normally without threat of garbled text. Apart from that it looks great and with a bit of fine tuning it could become a key mod for the Xperia sola.



Via xda-developers.

Thanks neectron!

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