Sony confirms sensor-on-lens technology for Xperia V

by XB on 11th September 2012

in Xperia V

Sony Mobile has confirmed that the 4.3-inch Xperia V will come with sensor-on-lens touch screen technology. Much like in-cell display technology, it removes the sensor layer which is integrated into the lens resulting in a lighter and thinner phone (as there is one less layer of glass) along with better image quality and a ‘direct touch experience’.

Better image quality is achieved through the one less layer of glass and glue in the handset stack, meaning that there is no interference from that component. Sony says that by removing this single layer, it would typically improve the display luminance by around 5%.

Removing a layer also brings the image plane that much closer to the user making you feel as if you are touching the image itself. Another benefit Sony points to is that the image on the display and the point of touch are brought that much closer resulting in less parallax issues.

Overall, it sounds like a great piece of technology and reaffirms our view that the Sony Xperia V is the real new flagship from Sony Mobile. As far as we understand, the Sony Xperia T/TX does not include this technology and we have reached out to the company for a confirmation.

Via Sony Developer World.

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