New Xperia phones on sale in the US: Xperia acro S, miro, tipo and tipo dual

by XB on 21st September 2012

in Xperia acro S, Xperia miro, Xperia tipo

A few more sim-free unlocked Sony Xperia handsets are now available to those in the United States. The dust and water resistant Xperia acro S is the pick of the bunch, available in both black and white colours, although it will set you back a pricey $649.99. At the budget end, the Xperia tipo is also in stock and available in four colours (Classic White, Navy Blue, Deep Red and Classic Black) for $189.99.

The dual-sim version of the Xperia tipo, the Xperia tipo dual can be pre-ordered on the website for $209.99 and is available in Serene Black or Classic Silver. The estimated ship date is a couple of weeks away at 4 October 2012. The Xperia miro is also expected at the same time and can be pre-ordered in four different colours for $239.99. It is good to see more Xperia phones making their way Stateside, but taking the unlocked route is one that few people use. Sony needs to get their phones onto the major US carriers, something which remains a very slow process. Hopefully 2013 will mark a turning point in this regard.

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