Sony Nexus X hoaxer reveals all

by XB on 19th October 2012

in Rumours

The guy behind the recent fake ‘Sony Nexus X‘ images has revealed all in a fascinating post entitled “anatomy of a hoax“. In it the hoaxer goes through why he decided to it, the timeline of events and how he created the fake (mainly parts taken from the Xperia TL and Xperia ion).

Whilst some may be annoyed about why this person would create such images and build people’s hopes up, he appears to be a Sony fan at heart. “I wanted Google and Sony to see how much of a demand there is in the market for a premium Nexus experience from a manufacturer like Sony,” says the guy behind the hoax. We’ve reproduced some of the images from his post below, but do go and check out the full post to get the full insight on how/why he did it – a fascinating read.

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