New picture of Xperia Z surfaces in Thailand

by XB on 3rd January 2013

in Rumours

What looks like to be another press picture of the Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) has surfaced in Thailand. It shows the handset at a different angle to the front-on pictures we saw at the turn of the year. It’s difficult to know the legitimacy of the image, but it looks real enough.

The report goes on to say that the official Thai price will be 19,990 Thai Baht (£406, €500, $660). This broadly fits in with what we’ve heard earlier, that the Xperia Z will be priced similar on release to the cost of the Xperia T. As before, there’s no source on this report and anyone can just make up a number, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. We should know firm details in just under a week.

Via SonyXP.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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