Sony – Please explain your Xperia naming scheme

by XB on 3rd January 2013

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If there is one area in Sony Mobile’s strategy where we remain thoroughly confused, it is its Xperia naming scheme. Ever since the company moved from its quasi-descriptive naming scheme from the 2011 line-up: the Xperia arc had a concave back, the Xperia PLAY was all about gaming, the Xperia mini was… well mini and the Xperia pro had a keyboard. It was all quite simple and left little room for confusion.

However, from 2012, Sony adopted a naming scheme similar to that used in its broader Sony range. The problem is that using letters of the alphabet does not explain to users what to expect from that particular handset. You could argue that products using letters at the end of the alphabet should be more premium than those earlier. But this isn’t the case with Sony. If you didn’t know anything about the products, you’d think the Xperia U was a more premium model than the Xperia S for example.

Additionally, let’s consider the Xperia Z (Yuga) and Xperia ZL (Odin). Both products have a different design and yet Sony is adding the ‘L’ to differentiate the handsets. If we look to see which handsets the letter L has been added to then it makes no sense why they would be adopting this naming structure here. The Xperia SL, Xperia TL and Xperia VL look identical to the Xperia S, Xperia T and Xperia V respectively. This is not the case with the Yuga and Odin, so once again, we’re perplexed why Sony is adopting its use here.

It makes no sense to us at all. We have to admit, that this confusing naming scheme combined with the sheer number of Xperia models has made us double-check which phone is which on occasion. If we here at Xperia Blog get confused, then what chance has Joe Public got.

What we need is for Sony Mobile to come clean about this naming scheme. Is there any logic to it – or is it really as random as it appears? Sony has so far steered clear of explaining this new naming scheme. However, as we enter 2013 and what is likely to be a continuation of this naming structure, Sony really needs to make it clear what it all stands for.

What do you think? Are we being too harsh here? Can you think of a better naming scheme that Sony should be using? Let us know in the comments below.

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