Sony Mobile Poland teases cryptic clues ahead of CES

by XB on 4th January 2013

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With just over three days left until Sony’s CES reveal, the company is using its social channels to leave some cryptic clues on what might be revealed. Sony Mobile Poland has been teasing some information over the last few days. On Wednesday it teased (translated):

Glass: Beautiful reflection of reality. True, at your fingertips.

On Thursday, it teased:

Mirror: I look at myself. I look at her. I look at the world.

Today it teased the photo below, with the strapline, “Unique” and the text: “Look at her. Eyes wide open in amazement. I do not close them”.

Sony CES tease

The power button looks very similar (although not identical) to the Xperia Z images leaked earlier today. So what we may be seeing is the final design for the Xperia Z power button, or it could be for a different handset (Xperia ZL?)

The reference to a mirror reinforces our view that the back of the Xperia Z (C660X) will have a mirror effect on the back of the handset. However, all will be revealed in just over three days.

Thanks Cezary!

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