Is Sony really planning a 6.44-inch Xperia device?

by XB on 21st January 2013

in Rumours

This photo of a purported 6.44-inch display frame for an upcoming Sony Xperia smartphone, or media player has been doing the rounds today. Now there is no proof that this shell is for a 6.44-inch device, whilst the device looks quite large, it’s very possible that it is being held by someone with small hands. Or it could be a prototype, we’re sure Sony must test all kinds of display configurations when conducting R&D. That is if it is real at all and not some kind of fake component.

Personally, we can’t see where such a device would fit in Sony’s portfolio. It’s almost too large to be used as smartphone, bigger than the Galaxy Note II and that’s already a big phone. Anyway, what are your views – is there really a market for a 6.4-inch smartphone? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks FlowXT & Thomas!

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