Xperia Z pre-order promotion starts in UK; free Sony MDR-1R headphones worth £200 included

by XB on 1st February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile UK has kicked off a pre-order promotion for the Xperia Z today. If you pre-order the handset on contract from select retailers you will be entitled to a free pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones worth around the £200 mark. These cans have got very good reviews, so it’s a great promotion if you were planning on buying the Xperia Z anyway.

The promotion is only available at O2, Three, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse. The offer will be limited to 1,000 headphones at each retailer. The promotion runs until Wednesday 27th February, confirming that the handset will be released in the UK on 28 February 2013.

Pre-orders are open at all above mentioned retailers. O2 have the black and purple (UK exclusive) handsets to order on contract (no Pay As You Go options unfortunately), with the cheapest tariff starting at £13.50 per month on a 24-month contract and £479.99 upfront cost.

Three UK is also running the promotion, but be aware, you will only get the headphones if you order through a retail store and not online. Strange decision but there you go. Prices start at £34 per month on a 24-month contract with a £69 upfront cost. However, Three does offer the handset on PAYG for £449.99 plus £10 or £15 add-on. This makes it the cheapest to order in the UK, even once you add the £15.32 sim-unlocking fee. Do note though that the phone may have a locked bootloader, same applies with O2.

Carphone Warehouse is currently showing four tariffs – two from Vodafone and two from O2, whilst Phones4U doesn’t have any ordering information on its site yet.

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