Xperia Z survives a trip to the toilet

by XB on 18th February 2013

in Videos, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

A UK survey carried out back in 2011 brought some interesting results in how people damaged their phones. Close to a third of the people surveyed damaged a handset by water damage. Of the hundreds of phones suffering from water damage each year, close to half (47%) of these incidents were caused by people accidentally dropping the handset into the toilet. Other accidents included people spilling liquid onto their handset (21%) and people dropping it into the bath (12%).

The water resistant feature of the Sony Xperia Z means this is one handset that won’t suffer from any kind of water damage (as long as the port flaps are closed). To prove this, check out the video below that shows the Xperia Z being dropped into a toilet bowl. Not pleasant viewing but as mentioned above it’s one of the biggest causes of water damage for mobiles. We’re told the handset was thoroughly disinfected with Dettol after use, a relatively easy cleaning task compared to a costly repair. It shows that the Xperia Z’s water resistant feature is a very practical one, check out the video below.

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