Xperia Z gets flexed to its limit

by XB on 22nd February 2013

in Videos, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is a very well built handset using durable tempered glass on the front and back to make sure it doesn’t shatter at the first sign of a scrape. Exactly which glass is used still remains a mystery although it looks like the Xperia Z may use a combination of Dragtontail and Gorilla Glass.

It’s heartening to see that the glass has some flex as the video below shows. The Xperia Z is bent hard enough that you can see the handset arc. Thankfully the glass doesn’t shatter, highlighting it’s likely to be a durable handset. If that wasn’t enough, check out another video we have attached below showing some guys goofing around knocking the Xperia Z to the floor at every opportunity. The handset certainly appears to stand up well to the abuse. See both videos below.

Thanks vcfirstben!

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