Xperia Z display goes up against the Galaxy S IV

by XB on 14th March 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

GSIV_XZ_2In the next few hours Samsung will unveil the next iteration in its Galaxy S series. Not that there’s much left to reveal given the raft of leaks we’ve seen today including hands-on pictures, videos and even a quasi-review. Chinese site IT168 got the scoop from what is believed to be a pre-production unit.

Inside the lengthy preview of the device there are a number of comparison pictures of the Galaxy S IV’s display against the Xperia Z. There’s one unflattering picture showing the handsets black levels, which is always going to be unfair comparing the TFT LCD of the Xperia Z to the AMOLED of the Galaxy S IV. There’s also one camera sample comparing both handsets along with the iPhone 5. You can check out all images below, while you wait to see what Samsung has in store later today.

Via IT168 [via GSM Arena].

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