Xperia ZL (C6503) now shipping in Germany

by XB on 3rd April 2013

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PhoneHouse Xperia ZLThe Sony Xperia ZL (C650X) is slowly widening its availability across the globe. It is already available in many parts of Asia, it launched in Canada yesterday and is expected to hit the United States next week.

Russia was the first country to launch the handset, it carried the HSPA+ version (C6502) of the Xperia ZL. North America is likely to receive the SKU supporting LTE bands for Canada and the US (C6506). This just leaves the European LTE version to make an appearance (C6503).

Well it appears that the Xperia ZL (C6503) has just gone on sale in Germany via Only the black version is in stock, with the white and red variants expected shortly. No other German retailer is carrying the handset, which makes us wonder if PhoneHouse has a timed exclusive on the handset. does not offer a launch date, whilst other retailers such as cyberport have a May release date.

If you have seen the Xperia ZL (C6503) in stock in other parts of Europe, we’d love to hear from you below. But from what we can tell, no other European country is offering this C6503 SKU. Some countries like the UK will not be receiving the handset at all.

PhoneHouse Xperia ZL

Thanks Colin!

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