Honami’s camera UI leaked in live pic

by XB on 16th July 2013

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Honami Camera UIA new picture has surfaced which claims to show the new camera user interface from the Sony Honami flagship. A previous leak around a fortnight ago first suggested that Honami would sport a 20MP camera sensor and gave us a first look at the new camera icons. Then earlier today, another leak talked about some of the technology to be used in Honami including Sony’s G Lens and BIONZ image processing.

The picture below confirms the use of a 20MP camera sensor with several options listed for the resolution including 20MP at 5248 x 3936 (4:3) and 8MP in both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios. It also shows one of the new camera icons towards the bottom right (the M circle which denotes Manual control).

Some of the other icons appear to have moved around versus what we see on current Xperia devices. For example, along the top we now have (from left to right) the Settings button, Flash, Camera switch (front or back), another settings button which we assume will be for exposure and white balance and then the Scene Modes.

The first Settings button brings up options for Resolution, Self-timer, Smile Shutter, Focus, HDR and ISO. We also noticed that the highlighted section makes that bar transparent, so the 8MP resolution selected shows the ‘Touch focus’ underneath it. All looks very exciting, although we would expect this to be from an early prototype that would have no doubt moved on since this picture was taken.

Now to address the gorilla in the room, is the image photo-shopped? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean the camera UI section is fake. We understand that the image was purposely edited to remove certain identifying details of the device. We have been assured that the picture is indeed authentic. September 4th can’t come soon enough.

Honami Camera UI

Via Gadgety.co.il.

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