What is your ideal smartphone size? [July 2013 Edition]

by XB on 18th July 2013

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Xperia SizeThe move to ever bigger smartphones continue apace, something that we discussed recently. So even though HTC announced its One mini smartphone earlier today, the handset is anything but mini at 4.3-inches. The ‘mini’ moniker sounds even more ridiculous when you consider the 3-inch Xperia mini from 2011. How times change.

Manufacturers say that the drive to larger displays is driven by you, the consumer. Apparently, you guys do not want small handsets anymore and therefore all that the manufacturers are doing is fulfilling a demand. We wanted to ask our readers whether this really was the case, so we’ve created a poll below for you to pick which is your ideal smartphone size.

The last time we conducted this poll, back in March 2012, the display size options went from 3.3-inches to “4.2-inches and above”. Obviously given how much the market has changed since then we’ve introduced more options for the higher-sized displays. This becomes even more pertinent if you look at the ten new Xperia models announced in 2013 (not including the dual-SIM variants). Eight of these ten handsets would have fallen into that “4.2-inches and above” category.

Even at that time, the writing was on the wall for very small display handsets with just 4% of the 2,200 voters wanting a handset with 3.3-inches. The majority of the votes (47%) went to those wanting a device with a display above 4.2-inches. Second place went to 4.0-inches with 32% of the vote, whilst 3.5 to 3.7-inches got 17% of the vote.

So what is your sweet spot in terms of smartphone display? Do you prefer a larger display for the browsing and media experience? Would you like to go for a smaller handset, but no manufacturer is catering for you right now without severely sacrificing performance? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

What is your ideal phone display size? [July 2013 Edition]

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