If you bought an Xperia device in 2013, who did you switch from?

by XB on 26th July 2013

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Mobile logosSony Mobile has had significant traction this year with the Xperia Z (and variants), the sleek design combined with great specs and a water resistant chassis has won Sony many new fans. However, whilst we have heard reports of people switching from other manufacturers, such as Samsung, we aren’t sure overall how many current 2013 Xperia owners are Sony loyalists versus how many have come from other brands.

We have created a poll below so please take part if you bought a Sony Xperia device this year. Let us know in the comments below why you switched and whether you would be likely to buy another Sony Xperia handset. If you came from a previous Xperia device, are you likely to continue to buy into the Xperia franchise or do you plan on switching away next time around? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

If you bought an Sony Xperia device in 2013, who did you switch from?

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