Xperia Z Ultra’s ‘X-Reality for mobile’ update coming in early September

by XB on 2nd August 2013

in Xperia Z Ultra

XZUA number of Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C68XX) owners have been getting in touch with us recently about their new handsets and wondering why it is not running the same UI as seen on announcement day. Also, many have noticed that the ‘X-Reality for mobile’ option does not appear in their settings.

Well, before you get too concerned, those options are currently not available for the HSPA+ version of the handset. Sony will be providing an update during week commencing 9 September 2013 that will include ‘X-Reality for mobile’, just in time for the release of the LTE version of the handset. So don’t get too concerned and enjoy your handset, there are many people who have to wait six weeks before they get hands on!

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