This is how Sony is masking its phones in public

by XB on 13th August 2013

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Honami MaskedMost manufacturers these days employ certain methods to stop up and coming handsets leaking out to the public. One common such method is to use a different shell or case, to mask exactly what the phone looks like. The images below show how Sony Mobile is encasing their upcoming Xperia’s to avoid prying eyes.

Adam Outler from xda-developer fame, posted an image of such a handset onto Google+ yesterday. The picture is believed to be of the Sony Honami and Outler tagged the picture as “Unannounced Sony device”. Outler has been posting from XDA:DevCon, where Sony Mobile is the main sponsor so it’s not surprising that there may have been a prototype Honami doing the rounds. The image has now been removed by Outler, which probably highlights its legitimacy.

The second image is a few months old and is believed to be the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It has black casing, as opposed to the white one for Honami, but has similar slits. Therefore, if you see anything like the images below in the wild, then you’re probably looking at the next Sony Xperia handset.

Honami masked?

Honami Masked

Xperia Z Ultra masked?

XZU Masked

Thanks Liam and Zohaib!

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