Could this be the Honami mini?

by XB on 25th August 2013

in Rumours, Xperia Z1

wpid-DSC_0445.jpgThere have been rumours floating around for a while that Sony may be planning a smaller sized Xperia which didn’t compromise on specs. Despite this we have not come across any leaked model numbers, sample pictures or images of the device itself. Well a new image has appeared on xda-developers, which could be the first of the handset.

A new member called Xleaky, who only joined xda to leak the picture, said the following: “You didn’t see this from me… but 4th of Sep is gonna be exciting! Thats all I’m saying!” The unknown Xperia is sitting next to a BlackBerry Q10, giving some indication of size.

The picture could be fake, but just because we haven’t heard of any info so far does not mean it won’t be heading to IFA in Berlin on 4 September. After all,  Sony has kept other handsets under wraps in the past, such as the Xperia V. Either way,  it ramps up the anticipation for IFA.



Via xda-developers.

Thanks Aspire5550, Ben and Felimenta97!

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