Sony Xperia Z1 ‘Honami’ – Official high resolution press pictures leak

by XB on 2nd September 2013

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Sony Xperia Z1_1A few official press pictures for the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1, codenamed Honami, has leaked via an unnamed Asian retailer. The images shouldn’t surprise anyone given the number of leaks we’ve seen up until now, however these are the final press pictures.

These final high resolution images show the camera specs etched near the camera lens, including the G Lens logo. If you look very carefully at the bottom of the first photo, you can also make out the speaker holes that match what we have seen previously. The left side of the phone has the clearly labelled micro SD memory card slot, which we believe sits next to the micro USB port. The other side of the phone should contain the micro SIM slot. You can clearly see the two-tone design of the metal frame, giving the Xperia Z1 a distinctive look. We can’t wait to see and hear more in the coming days.

Sony Xperia Z1 press pictures – click to enlarge

Sony Xperia Z1_1

Sony Xperia Z1_2

Sony Xperia Z1_3

Sony Xperia Z1_4

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