Xperia Z1 low-light snaps look great

by XB on 13th September 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_9We have been getting a lot of requests to feature some low-light photography from the Sony Xperia Z1. After all, we already know that the Xperia Z1 takes some great pictures where there is good light. UnleashThePhones has taken the task to hand and provided a whole host of sample pictures from the Xperia Z1 in low-light/evening conditions.

All of the pictures were taken using the latest firmware for the device (14.1.G.1.518). We have included ten samples in full resolution below (click each image to see the original), but head over to the source link for plenty more examples. Have a look below and let us know whether they meet your approval or not in the comments below.

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_1

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_2

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_3

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_4

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_5

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_6

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_7

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_8

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_9

Xperia Z1_Lowlight_10

Via UnleashThePhones.

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