Japan’s Xperia Z1 comes with some upgraded features

by XB on 30th September 2013

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F401Earlier today, a leaked brochure from Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo appeared to reveal the full specifications of the Japanese Xperia Z1 (SO-01F) and the Xperia Z1 f (SO-02F), the mini version of the Xperia Z1. Seriously though, if that ‘Z1 f’ name sticks, we’d like to know what Sony is smoking.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that Sony is planning to launch the Xperia Z1 in Japan, we have been waiting for confirmation of its existence since the Z1 western launch took place at IFA. The handset is expected to hit NTT DoCoMo (SO-01F) and au by KDDI (SOL23). The spec sheet reveals that the Japanese Xperia Z1 will be getting some nice extra features not seen in the global version.

The Japanese version will get an IR blaster, Full-Seg/NOTTV support as well as 32GB internal storage (the global Xperia Z1 only has 16GB). The dimensions of the DoCoMo Xperia Z1 is exactly the same as the global version (144 x 74 x 8.5 mm), although the weight is 1g heavier at 171g.

Now we can understand that smartphones in Japan are often tailored for that market, particularly when it comes to the addition of TV tuners. However, we know that pretty much everyone would have liked that infra-red sensor and 32GB internal storage – especially considering the dimensions are unchanged.

We really hope Sony starts to add an IR blaster to more of their phones in 2014. Only one of Sony’s smartphones has this feature, the under-rated Xperia ZL. We hope every flagship going forward has one, as we’ve found it incredibly useful in the ZL.


Thanks Ben!

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