Xperia Z1 goes head-to-head against the Lumia 1020

by XB on 1st October 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z1

lensesBack when the Nokia Lumia 1020 was first announced, we questioned whether the Xperia Z1 would be able to compete. We’ve seen a number of comparisons since the Xperia Z1 launched, but we thought it was worth highlighting this one by Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian fame. Litchfield is no stranger to camera comparisons having detailed shootouts from the best that Nokia has had to offer over the years.

Obviously, the camera hardware inside the Lumia 1020 is more powerful than the Xperia Z1 with its 41 mega pixel sensor and OIS, versus the 20.7 CMOS sensor in the Xperia Z1. Nokia makes good use out of its large sensor by using oversampling to create sharper and more detailed pictures. There’s perhaps no surprise therefore, that overall the Lumia 1020 wins the shootout against the Xperia Z1. However, it’s not as simple as that and from our eyes the Z1 comes quite close in some of the daytime shots. Click through for some of the cropped comparisons between both phones, however for the full roundup check out the source link below.

Crops compared: Lumia 1020 (left) versus Xperia Z1 (right)

– Click to enlarge

Lumia 1020_Z1_1

Lumia 1020_Z1_2

Lumia 1020_Z1_3

Lumia 1020_Z1_4

Lumia 1020_Z1_5

Lumia 1020_Z1_6


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