Would you like to see a Sony Xperia with curved display?

by XB on 14th October 2013

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LG G Flex_3LG and Samsung would have you believe that the next point of differentiation in the smartphone space is the introduction of curved displays. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Round for the Korean market and earlier today renders of the LG G Flex leaked showing a 6-inch handset with curved display. LG has taken a different tact curving the display from top to bottom, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Round has a curved display from left to right.

We are not talking about the subtle curves of the Galaxy Nexus, which housed a straight display under slightly curved glass. These new devices have truly flexible display under the rigid curved housing. On the face of it, we can’t help but see this as a gimmick. It doesn’t seem entirely practical to use, yes it may feel nice in the hand, but it would sit awkwardly on a table or in one’s pocket.

Yet, Samsung and LG are no doubt betting truckloads of cash that the use of flexible displays will allow for some genuinely new and exciting designs. We wanted to hear your thoughts on this, do you feel like a future Sony Xperia with curved display would be a good idea? Is this a revolution in your eyes? Or do you just see this as a gimmick with no real long term value? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

LG G Flex

LG G Flex_1

LG G Flex_2

LG G Flex_3

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S_1

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S_2

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S_3

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S_4

Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S_5

Pictures via Samsung and The Next Web.

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