Sony Car Audio allows you to mirror your Xperia and control by voice

by XB on 17th October 2013

in Accessories, Videos

Sony Car Audio XperiaCar manufacturers are slowly adopting smartphone integration into their cars, driven by consumer demand. People are used to the power and flexibility that a smartphone offers and car owners want similar integration, creating a ‘connected car’ environment and bypassing often clunky proprietary in-car systems.

Sony Car Audio (USA) gets round this by connecting to a smartphone via MirrorLink. This allows the Smartphone’s display to be mirrored by the in-car system. Using App Remote on the smartphone allows you to control the navigation, music and video apps using voice commands. This also includes expanded text-read-out functions for incoming SMS/E-mail and Twitter/Facebook/Calendar notifications. Sounds like a neat idea, especially if it creates a safer driving environment.

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