SmartWatch 2 Wrist Straps now available; 4 additional colours and 2 leather straps

by XB on 18th October 2013

in Accessories

1276-4048_sw2_brown_460x360If you recently bought a Sony SmartWatch 2 but are not digging the black silicone strap that came with your watch, then you may be glad to know that Sony is selling some additional colours. If you’ve received one with a metal strap, we assume you’re happy.

Four rubber straps are available including pink, purple, turquoise and yellow. These are available on the Sony Store website for £16.99 in the UK and €19.90 in Europe. If you fancy something a bit smarter, then Sony is also offering a black leather wrist strap along with one in light brown leather. These will set you back £20.99 in the UK or €24.90 in Europe. All straps are in stock and available now.







Of course, you can use any standard 24 mm (0.9 inch) wrist strap with your SmartWatch 2. To change the strap see the diagram below. Use a screwdriver to push down on the spring bars to detach and attach a wrist strap.


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