‘Xperia Z1S’ for T-Mobile USA – another image leaks

by XB on 20th October 2013

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Sony Xperia Z1SEarlier this month a press picture of the Xperia Z1 destined for T-Mobile USA leaked, well now it appears that another image has been unmasked courtesy of @evleaks. The picture is described as the “Xperia Z1S, 2013”, suggesting that this model is due to land this year. There has been some confusion over exactly which model this is – could it be the Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile? Or could it be the international release of the Xperia Z1 f (aka Xperia Z1 mini)?

The answer is not made easy given the fact that the front-facing camera and headphone jack placement in this leak differs from the Xperia Z1. The image shows the front-facing camera sitting at the left of the SONY logo and a headphone jack in the middle. Whereas, the current Xperia Z1 has a headphone jack towards the left side of the handset and the front-facing camera on the right of the SONY logo.

These features also do not align with the Xperia Z1 f that was announced by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Plus, as we don’t expect the global version of the Xperia Z1 mini to launch until 2014, this rules it out here.

However, this picture does tie in with the previous leak of the Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile US. The headphone placement is the same and the colour tone of the frame is also the same. Therefore, in our view the most logical thing is that this ‘Xperia Z1S’ is the one and the same for T-Mobile US.

Sony has a history of giving its US products different names – it did the same with the Xperia T last year – calling it the Xperia TL for AT&T. Now all we need is some official confirmation and a release date. We’ll keep you posted.

Sony Xperia Z1S

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