SmartWatch 2 features demoed earlier in the year are now missing

by XB on 22nd October 2013

in Accessories, Videos

smartwatch_face2When Sony first announced the SmartWatch 2 earlier this year it demonstrated some cool features that do not exist in the current version of the watch. We are talking about things such as flicking the wrist to wake the screen (see the video below), or fundamentally useful things such as having a date including in the digital watch face. The Music widget also appears to be absent.

Now we get that sometimes features get dropped, but we’d like to know if we’ll ever see these return in a future update or whether they’ve been dropped for good. Additional watch faces are likely to appear, as is the music widget, but we do wonder whether the flick to wake screen has been dropped due to battery concerns. If we get confirmation either way, we’ll keep you posted.


Image via Cnet.

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