Sony will repair certain cracked displays for Xperia Z series suggests leaked info

by XB on 8th November 2013

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Cracked ThumbEarlier in the year, we asked Xperia Z owners how they were getting on with their phones and, in particular, whether owners had the misfortune of suffering from a cracked display. This was always a concern given Sony’s move to use both a glass rear as well as front.

It is quite clear that since the Xperia Z has launched there have been various reports of people suffering from cracked display issues. What has been worrying for some is that these issues have occurred randomly even though the phone has not been subject to an accidental fall.

A number of people have got in touch with us over the months to talk about their specific issues. One such reader said: “Both my partner’s and my Xperia Z broke in the last week in exactly the same way – we removed the phones from our pockets as normal, but at some point the screen had broken.

Well judging by some information that has appeared on XDA-developers, it seems Sony does recognise this and will repair such cracked displays under warranty. It points to a “Display Issue” for the Xperia Z, ZR, V, UL and Z Ultra. Basically, it guides the engineer to treat the problem as in warranty as long as the phone only has a “single crack in the display” and there is no evidence of abuse.

Some pictures are included which show what cases should be classified as ‘In Warranty’ and which should be ‘Out of Warranty’. The phones in the former category can be seen with a single hairline crack in the display. The size of the crack doesn’t seem to make a difference. Phones in the ‘out of warranty’ category have shattered screens, suggesting they have suffered accidental damage.

The person who published the post has also made available various Sony Xperia service manuals, which makes us believe that this information is very much real. If you have one of the above Sony Xperia handsets and have suffered from a single crack on your display, did you have any issues getting it fixed in your local Sony service centre? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

Sony Xperia cracked displays – In Warranty

Xperia Z cracked display_1

Sony Xperia cracked displays – Out of Warranty

Xperia Z cracked display_2

Via xda-developers.

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