Xperia Z1 bootloader camera issue resolved in Android 4.3 update

by XB on 16th December 2013

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Camera Icon(2)One of the benefits of the Android 4.3 update for Sony Xperia Z1 owners is that the camera-busting issue that plagued those who unlocked the bootloader has now been fixed. XDA legend DooMLoRD confirmed this and it means those who want to try custom ROMS can unlock the bootloader with the peace of mind that the camera will be intact.

We understand that even those that unlocked the bootloader prior to this update, without backing up their TA partition, will be able to resume camera functionality with the latest 14.2.A.0.290 update. Sony’s bootloader website has not been updated to reflect this news, but we have reached out to Sony to confirm this news and will report back as soon as we hear more.

Update: Sony has now officially confirmed that this bootloader issue has indeed been fixed.

The official bootloader website has also been updated and comes with the following message:

To unlock the Xperia™ Z1 boot loader, you must update your device to the latest software (build 14.2.A.0.290, Android 4.3). Unlocking the boot loader on earlier software versions will stop the camera functionality.

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