Sony Z Ultra GPe Android 4.4.2 ROM ported to Xperia Z1

by XB on 20th December 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_Android 4.4.2Ever since we first heard that Sony was launching the Z Ultra Google Play Edition, many Xperia Z Ultra owners were eagerly waiting for someone to port over the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM to their handsets. Well, whilst Xperia Z Ultra owners are still waiting, Xperia Z1 owners now have an early port courtesy of DooMLoRD from XDA.

This was made possible as Sony released the kernel sources for the Sony Z Ultra GPe. DooMLoRD modified the kernel sources to support the Xperia Z1 and then managed to boot the kernel. The port is in its early days but a lot of features do work, however this doesn’t include the camera and Wi-Fi. If you want to try this yourself you’ll need to make sure your Xperia Z1 has an unlocked bootloader and follow the instructions in the source link.

Xperia Z1_Android 4.4.2

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks DooMLoRD!

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