New Sony Xperia model numbers discovered – D200X, D210X, D230X and SGP521

by XB on 23rd December 2013

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Sony Xperia D200X, D210X, D230X and SGP521Even more Sony Xperia model numbers have been unveiled, showcasing what Sony may have in store for 2014. Three new model numbers popped up in the Indonesian Postel Regulatory website (D2005, D2105 and SGP521), whilst another (D2303) popped up in the AnTuTu benchmark. This is in addition to the previously revealed model numbers including the Sony D5503 ‘Amami’ (Xperia Z1 mini), Sony D6503 and Sony D53XX (D5322, D5303).

We would expect the SGP521 to be the 2014 LTE update to the Xperia Tablet Z (SGP321). This means we now count seven new Sony Xperia devices for 2014 so far, which includes one tablet. A number of these model numbers have appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark and we’ve ranked them below.

It’s interesting to note that what is meant to be the most powerful device (D6503) has a lower benchmark rating of 29,745 compared to the Sony D5503 (Xperia Z1 mini) of 34,627. This could be due to the fact that the D6503 was underclocked, or the fact it is a pre-production model. We would be very surprised to see such a discrepancy for the retail versions. A formal announcement for these products are likely to be split between CES in January 2014 and MWC in February 2014.

New Sony Xperia model numbers on Indonesian Postel – D200X, D210X, and SGP521

Sony Xperia D200X, D210X, D230X and SGP521

All rumoured 2014 Sony Xperia models

SONY D2004, D2005
SONY D2105
Sony D2303
Sony D5322, D5303
Sony D5503
Sony D6503

2014 Sony Xperia models on AnTuTu Benchmark – including new D230X model

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