Xperia Z Ultra SGP412 passes through FCC, pictures and manual shown off

by XB on 21st January 2014

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Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_2The Sony Xperia Z Ultra SGP412 has passed through the United States FCC and with it revealed a number of pictures and a quick manual. The handset looks identical to the one we already know, this particular model is believed to by a Wi-Fi only model. AU by KDDI is also releasing a variant of the Xperia Z Ultra under the SOL24 model number.

Sony had a confidentiality request that expired on the 20 January 2014, which means we could see this being announced very shortly. The manual you see below has references to Sony Mobile Japan support, which could see it launch in the region. AU by KDDI is revealing its Spring 2014 showcase tomorrow morning, so we expect more news then.

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412 FCC pictures

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_1

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_2

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_3

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_4

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_5

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412_6

Xperia Z Ultra SGP412 Quick Manual

It is worth noting that the specifications indicated in the manual below appear to be wrong and we think relates for the Xperia UL instead.

Thanks Ben!

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