Garmin Xperia Edition and extension for SmartWatch 2 announced

by XB on 23rd February 2014

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Garmin Xperia EditionGarmin has announced a new navigation application for Xperia smartphones as expected. Garmin Xperia Edition will integrate with the SmartWatch 2 to provide walking directions without having to look at your phone. You will be able to see your current position on the SmartWatch 2 as well as the route, there will also be a zoom function available.

Garmin Xperia Edition features onboard maps stored locally on the smartphone, so that you don’t have to worry about patchy reception whilst travelling. Premium features include onboard maps, lane guidance, speed warnings and lifetime traffic.

Garmin Xperia Edition will launch in March 2014 with a free 30-day trial. Once the trial is over, the app will still provide free to the map viewer and pedestrian navigation. There will be a $2.95 monthly subscription to access the full feature set or you will be able to access a one-time in app option.

Garmin Xperia Edition

Via Garmin Blog.

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