Xperia Z2 priced at £599 in UK; €599 in Germany and €699 in rest of Europe

by XB on 24th February 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 Price_UKLike what you’re seeing with the newly announced Sony Xperia Z2 (D650X)? Well it is not going to come cheap. Sony Mobile has updated the official pricing for its new flagship for Europe and it shows some divergent pricing. In the UK, the Xperia Z2 will set you back £599, whilst in Germany it will be €599 – for some reason there is no difference despite different currencies.

In most other regions in Europe (France, Italy and Spain), the Xperia Z2 will set you back €699. In the Netherlands, you can pick one up for €649, whilst in Sweden it will be SEK 5,995. Sony always price their flagships high, but hopefully it will be at a more respectable level shortly after launch.

Xperia Z2 price in France: €699

Xperia Z2 Price_France

Xperia Z2 price in Germany: €599

Xperia Z2 Price_Germany

Xperia Z2 price in Italy: €699

Xperia Z2 Price_Italy

Xperia Z2 price in Netherlands: €649

Xperia Z2 Price_Netherlands

Xperia Z2 price in Spain: €699

Xperia Z2 Price_Spain

Xperia Z2 price in Sweden: SEK 5,995

Xperia Z2 Price_Sweden

Xperia Z2 price in UK: £599

Xperia Z2 Price_UK

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