Early measurements of the Xperia Z2 point to a very good display

by XB on 28th February 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 display_2The Sony Xperia Z2 makes a number of changes over the Xperia Z1, but one of the most noticeable is perhaps the 5.2-inch IPS Phosphor LED display. The display has won widespread praise from the media and judging by some early analysis from François Simond and Erica Griffin at MWC, they have the data to prove it.

Simond used his equipment to measure the display (the results can be seen below) and found that the gamut was large, even comparable to Super AMOLED displays and excellent colour accuracy. He noticed no chroma saturation boost added either, without looking over saturated. At some point in the future, Simond will do a proper test on the display using a reference spectrophotometer, for precise colour temperature and gamut evaluations. It’s about time Sony led the field when it comes to mobile displays.

Xperia Z2 display_1

Xperia Z2 display_2

Via PhoneArena.

Thanks josephnero, Prannoy and Wael!

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