Sony creates widget functionality for Firefox OS

by XB on 7th March 2014

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gadget_in_homescreenSony Mobile was one of the first manufacturers to offer support to the Firefox OS open-source mobile platform when it was announced a year ago. The company has been technically evaluating Firefox OS ever since, even launching a Firefox OS ROM for the Xperia E.

Following on from this work, Sony is submitting new Firefox OS functionality in the form of “gadgets”. In more familiar terms, ‘gadgets’ are what you would know as widgets on Android. As the video below shows, these gadgets can be added to a home screen or lock screen, they can also be interacted with, moved around and resized.

These gadgets have been uploaded to Bugzilla, so that the Firefox OS community can discuss and evaluate how to integrate the feature into the Firefox OS master framework.

So can we expect to see a Firefox OS phone from Sony at some point? Sony says that it “continuously evaluates new operating systems and platforms“, but they have caveated their work saying that “this is still only an early review of a technical platform and we make no commitment to continued work on Firefox OS.


Via Sony Developer World.

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