Sony has no plans to adopt Android Wear in future Smartwatch products [Update]

by XB on 25th March 2014

in Accessories, Xperia Z1

Sony_Smartwatch_2_35798775_01When Google announced the Android Wear platform a week ago, Sony’s name was conspicuously not included in the list of partners that Google was working with. The reason for this, according to Ravi Nookala – Head of Sony Mobile US, is that the company plans to focus on its existing Android-based SmartWatch platform.

We’ve already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,” said Nookala speaking to CNET. Obviously this doesn’t rule out the use of Android Wear at some point down the line, especially if there is the consumer demand for it, but it looks like you won’t see any Sony Android Wear products this year at least.

Other comments from Nookala point to a good performance from the Xperia Z1s with T-Mobile. Nookala said that sales were up 20 -25 percent higher than the original Xperia Z during the same period. “The momentum is there, we’re doing better than our forecast,” he said. He also confirmed that Sony remains in discussions with the major carriers to bring more Xperia phones to the US market.

Update: Sony Mobile’s global PR team tweeted a response which you can see below.


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