Huge SmartWatch 2 update lands; brings custom watch faces and double-tap to wake

by XB on 22nd April 2014

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SmartWatch 2 Editor_10The big SmartWatch 2 update that we have long been waiting for has finally arrived. The new firmware updates the build number from 1.0.B.3.46/1.0.A.3.8 to 1.0.B.4.152/1.0.A.4.11. New changes include the ability to customise your own watch face with the addition of widget support, six new wallpapers, double-tap to wake screen (turns on the backlight), a built-in calculator app and the ability to manage apps directly from your SmartWatch 2.

A number of SmartWatch 2 related apps have also been updated to take advantage of this new firmware. For example, updating Weather smart extension provides the widget needed to display the weather on your watch face. Other changes include tweaks to the notification drawer and Gmail and Facebook apps as well as the ability to turn vibration off for Bluetooth connections. Click through for some screens of the latest update.

SmartWatch 2 updated

SW2 Update_1

SW2 Update_2

SW2 Update_3

SW2 Update_8

SW2 Update_9

SW2 Update_10

SW2 Update_11

SW2 Update_12

SW2 Update_13

SmartWatch 2 Watchface Editor

The SmartWatch 2 Watchface Editor allows you to customise your watch face both with different clock styles (digital and analogue) and add widgets too (weather, notifications, battery, Bluetooth etc). All of the editing is done via your phone rather than the SW2 itself.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_1

Once you click “Edit watch faces”, you can choose from a selection of watch faces or click the + button to create your own.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_2

This gives a blank canvas from which to create your own watch face. There are two main options to choose from: Clocks and Widgets.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_3

Clicking on clocks gives you a selection of clock types to choose from. This can be dragged to wherever you want on the grid, with each clock type taking a predefined number of squares on the grid (similar to widgets on your phone). We didn’t find a way to resize each clock type.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_4

Once you’ve chosen your time, you can choose which widgets to add. There are selection of date types…

SmartWatch 2 Editor_5

… and notifications including Battery, Bluetooth, New events and Alarm.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_6

Your creation can be renamed or if you’re not happy you can start again.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_7

Any clock or widget can be deleted by dragging it to the bottom.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_8

A reasonable amount of information can be packed onto the screen.

SmartWatch 2 Editor_9

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks Todimu and everyone else that sent this in!

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