Sony Japan announces SRS-X1 and SRS-X2 portable waterproof speakers [Update]

by XB on 7th May 2014

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Sony SRS-X1_1Sony Japan has this morning announced two new portable wireless speakers, both of which are water resistant which makes it ideal to use in the bathroom, by the beach or in the kitchen. The SRS-X1 and SRS-X2 speakers come equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC (for easy pairing).

The SRS-X1 has a spherical shape and has an output of 5W, whilst the SRS-X2 has an output of 20W (10W + 10W). The SRS-X2 also has Clear Audio +. In terms of battery life, the SRS-X1 will last for 12 hours, whilst the SRS-X2 will last 5 hours. The smaller SRS-X1 weighs 185g, whilst the SRS-X2 weighs 500g. Both speakers are due to launch in Japan on 21 June 2014.

Update: Apologies, but we mistakenly concluded that both sets of speakers were water resistant when posting the original article. Only the SRS-X1 speaker is water resistant with an IPX7 rating. The SRS-X2 is not water resistant in any way. On launch, the SRS-X1 will cost 8,500 Yen + tax (€60), whilst the SRS-X2 will cost 9,500 Yen + tax (€67).

Sony SRS-X1

Sony SRS-X1_1

Sony SRS-X1_2

Sony SRS-X1_3

Sony SRS-X1_4

Sony SRS-X1_5

Sony SRS-X1_6

Sony SRS-X1_7

Sony SRS-X2

Sony SRS-X2_1

Sony SRS-X2_2

Sony SRS-X2_3

Sony SRS-X2_4

Sony SRS-X2_5

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