Album update (6.1.A.0.14) brings PlayMemories Online video support and full-resolution ‘All Sync’ option

by XB on 22nd May 2014

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2014-05-22 05.44.24Sony has launched a new update for its Album application for Xperia devices. The update moves the build number from 6.0.A.0.26 to 6.1.A.0.14. The new version brings PlayMemories Online Support for videos, allowing you to search, play and download videos manually.

PlayMemories Online “All Sync” feature allows you to sync your photos and videos to the cloud automatically. Users are given unlimited storage, but a big limitation has been that only compressed versions are stored in the cloud. This new update gives you the option to download the full resolution of a particular image. However, you cannot automatically upload the originals for all photos taken, you will need to manually select the option for each photo.

Other changes include a “more vivacious main view” which show the animations and videos in the top area along with the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. This update should be rolling across Sony Xperia handsets right now. You can also download the apk here.

Sony Album application updated to build number 6.1.A.0.14

2014-05-22 05.44.24 2014-05-22 05.44.40

Sony has placed “Collections” inside the main menu, which can be accessed when you swipe right. A collection can be created by hitting the + sign when viewing a picture.

Album_6.1.A.0.14_C Album_6.1.A.0.14_D

A new option allows you to upload the original image file to PlayMemories Online. Another change we noticed is that the Settings screen now has a dark background, instead of the light background from the previous version.

Album_6.1.A.0.14_E Album_6.1.A.0.14_A

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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