New Movies (7.0.A.0.8) and Video Unlimited (12.0.B.0.3) updates rolling; brings MKV support and pinch-zoom during playback

by XB on 28th May 2014

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Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_3Sony has updated its Movies and Video Unlimited media apps. The Movies app has moved from build number 6.2.A.0.10 to 7.0.A.0.8, introducing .mkv (Matroska) file support and the ability to select subtitles and audio from various options. Another new feature is the ability to pinch zoom during playback so that you can zoom up to 2x whilst watching your video content to get that extra detail.

The Video Unlimited app has also been updated, moving from build number 11.0.B.0.4 to 12.0.B.0.3. The preview screen for content has been improved allowing for automatic playback and preview control (seek, pause, play). The welcome screen has also been improved. See some pictures of both updates below.

Movies and Video Unlimited update

Movies app updated to build 7.0.A.0.8

The apk for Movies v7.0.A.0.8 can be downloaded here.

Movies 7.0.A.0.8_1 Movies 7.0.A.0.8_2

A Podcast option has been added to the menu list. The settings menu remains unchanged.

Movies-7_0_A_0_8_3-315x560 Movies 7.0.A.0.8_4

Video Unlimited app updated to build 12.0.B.0.3

Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_1 Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_2

Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_3 Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_4

Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_5 Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_6

A new trailer setting option exists in the new update, it allows you to play a trailer automatically when you move to a video detail view. There is also another new setting for storage location, allowing to select the storage location for every video. The other minor change is that “Redeem prepaid card” has now been renamed “Redeem Code” in the new update.

Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_7 Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_8

Video Unlimited_12.0.B.0.3_9

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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