Sony announces wireless charging for Xperia Z2

by XB on 28th May 2014

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WCH10Rumours have been around for months that Sony Mobile would launch a wireless charging kit for the Xperia Z2 and today the company has formally unveiled its products. This includes the WCR12 Wireless Charging Cover, designed specifically for the Xperia Z2, and the WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate.

Sony is using the Qi wireless charging standard, so any Qi charger can be used to charge up the Wireless Charging Cover WCR12. Qi technology allows power to transfer from a transmission pad to a compatible receiver using electromagnetic induction. No official pricing details have been announced for either product, but to get an idea, see our previous post.

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12

The design of the Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is very similar to the Style Cover Stand SCR10 for the Xperia Z2. The Qi certified cover acts as a protective case and desk stand and will be available in black and white colours. The case itself weighs 66 grams and the dimensions (with the Xperia Z2 inside) are 149 x 78 x 14 mm.

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_1

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_2

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_3

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_4

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_2

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_6

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_8

Sony Wireless Charging Cover WCR12_7

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10

The Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 is a stylish charging pad with black top and metal sides. The WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate produces 5W of power (1A output), which will charge your Xperia Z2 (using the WCR12 cover) or any other Qi compatible device. The plate has a diameter of 78mm and a reasonably long cable length of 1.8m. It also has a white LED which pulsates whilst the device is charging and moves to a solid light when fully charged.

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_1

Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10_3

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