Action Camera Extension gives SmartWatch/SmartBand owners ability to control Sony wireless cameras

by XB on 13th June 2014

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Action Camera Extension_Press_2Sony has launched a new application called Action Camera Extension (1.00.12) that allows users of the SmartWatch 2 and SmartBand SWR10 to take remote control of Sony wireless cameras.

The app works very similarly to the Smart Camera app that allows users to take control of the shutter function of the Xperia phone. However, in this case, you take control of a Sony Wi-Fi camera such as the QX10/QX100 Lens-Style cameras and Action Cams.

Once you connect to the camera, you are able to control the camera from a distance of 10 meters. The app allows you to view the image and tap a shutter icon to take the picture. For some models, you can use the app to start and stop the video function. To see which Sony cameras you can use with this app click here.

Action Camera Extension on the SmartWatch 2

Action Camera Extension_1 Action Camera Extension_2

Action Camera Extension_3

Action Camera Extension_4

Action Camera Extension_Press_1

Action Camera Extension_Press_2

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