Sony STH30 Stereo Headset unboxed; looks great in Purple

by XB on 2nd July 2014

in Accessories

Sony STH30_Unboxing_10The Sony Stereo Headset STH30 is a lightweight and water resistant (IP57 certified) headset, which recently went on sale. The headset features 9.2 mm dynamic earphone speakers and an inline remote to answer/reject calls or navigate music (play/pause/forward/back). The STH30 headset is very chic looking, which you can get a sense of in the unboxing pictures below. For those looking for a very simple, but practical, headset you might want to stick the Sony STH30 on your wish list.

Sony STH30_Unboxing_1

Sony STH30_Unboxing_2

Sony STH30_Unboxing_3

Sony STH30_Unboxing_4

Sony STH30_Unboxing_5

Sony STH30_Unboxing_6

Sony STH30_Unboxing_7

Sony STH30_Unboxing_8

Sony STH30_Unboxing_9

Sony STH30_Unboxing_10

Sony STH30_Unboxing_11

Sony STH30_Unboxing_12

Via Digi-wo.

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