Movies (7.1.A.0.4) and Video Unlimited (12.1.B.0.5) Sony Xperia apps updated

by XB on 3rd July 2014

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Movies_7.1.A.0.4_1Sony has updated its Movies and Video Unlimited media apps. The Movies app moves from build number 7.0.A.0.8 to 7.1.A.0.4, with the primary change including new icons in the pull-out menu to make it easier to identify the different folders. The 18.6MB update also improves stability. The Movies apk can be downloaded here.

The Video Unlimited app is moving from build number 12.0.B.0.3 to 12.1.B.0.5 (however, some users are also reported as receiving build 12.1.A.1.1). The 9.7MB update includes an easily accessible pull-out menu and colour/layout improvements. The Video Unlimited apk can be downloaded here (version 12.1.A.1.1).

Movies app updated to build 7.1.A.0.4

Movies_7.1.A.0.4_1 Movies_7.1.A.0.4_2

2014-07-03 17.54.31 2014-07-03 17.54.55

Video Unlimited app updated to build 12.1.B.0.5

Video Unlimited_12.1.B.0.5_1 Video Unlimited_12.1.B.0.5_2

Thanks Conjo and xperiacraze!

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