Firefox OS demoed on the Xperia SP

by XB on 4th July 2014

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Xperia SP Firefox ThumbFirefox OS first made an appearance over a year ago, it is an open-source mobile platform that eschews traditional apps as you know them for ‘web apps’ instead. Sony has supported the project from day one, releasing the Firefox OS experimental ROM for the Xperia E and more recently created widget functionality for the OS.

The operating system has been designed with developing markets in mind and therefore suits entry-level hardware. Despite this Adam Farden decided to test Firefox OS on the Xperia SP. As you would expect with a completely new OS, a number of features do not work including Bluetooth, GPS and the camera.

However, on the plus side, Wi-Fi does work along with calls, SMS and all of the sensors. In fact the performance was felt to be quite fluid overall, with Farden noticing very little OS stutter or lag. At some point, Firefox OS might be a great alternative to Android on older hardware. We’d be certainly eager to give it a try once it matures. In the meantime, check out Firefox OS booting on the Xperia SP below.

Xperia SP Firefox_1

Xperia SP Firefox_2 Xperia SP Firefox_3

Xperia SP Firefox_4 Xperia SP Firefox_5

Xperia SP Firefox_6 Xperia SP Firefox_7

Xperia SP Firefox_8 Xperia SP Firefox_9

Xperia SP Firefox_10 Xperia SP Firefox_11

Xperia SP Firefox_12 Xperia SP Firefox_13

Xperia SP Firefox_14 Xperia SP Firefox_15

Xperia SP Firefox_16 Xperia SP Firefox_17

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