First picture from Sony’s curved CMOS sensor

by XB on 7th July 2014

in Imaging

Curved CMOS sampleSony is currently working on a curved CMOS image sensor to allow for higher sensitivity, less distortion and a simpler lens system. It is only at the development stage right now with Sony developing two chips: one full-size chip (43mm) suitable for digital cameras and a smaller chip (11mm) suitable for mobile phones. See here for more details on this from our initial post.

The first image from the curved CMOS sensor has been published by Nikkei, which you can see below. There’s not much you can tell from it and there’s no raw image file so there’s not much to analyse. However, it does highlight that progress is being made. The report from Nikkei says that Sony is gearing up for the mass production process. We’ll keep you posted on this exciting new camera technology.

Curved CMOS sample

Via SAR.

Thanks Clarence!

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