New WALKMAN app update (8.4.A.1.4) brings UI tweaks

by XB on 8th July 2014

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WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_6Sony Mobile has pushed an update to the WALKMAN application for Xperia devices that moves the build number from 8.3.A.0.7 to 8.4.A.1.4. The 11.4MB update now allows you to get detailed views on your music. A small arrow sits below each track now which brings up a menu allowing you to open the song, add it to a playlist, share it, set it as a ringtone or see the Artist.

The sliding navigation menu has also been changed to feature new icons for the menu items. A new menu item called “My Library” replaces the “Artists“, “Albums” and “Songs” menu items from the previous version. When clicking into My Library you can see all of your music divided by the above three headers. Sony now also allows you to go to Artist and Album from any music item.

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_1 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_2

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_4 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_6

WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_7 WALKMAN_8.4.A.1.4_8


Thanks Gamenology and Revanth!

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